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Moore-McCormack today is one of the most respected names in the American Merchant Marine.  Its house flag is flown aboard 14 modern cargo liners serving routes to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, the Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, landlocked neighboring states, and the Malagasy Republic.  Mooremack has served the East Coast of South America since 1913 through its American Republics Line service.  The Company expanded its operations in 1957 to include the African trade with the purchase of the prestigious Robin Line.

The accumulated experience of more than six decades is the basis of the Moore-McCormack reputation for expertise and reliability.

Mooremack introduced vessel engine room automation to the American Merchant Marine with the record breaking Constellation class ships--the fastest commercial cargo vessels ever designed and built at the time of their launching.

Mooremack was the first carrier to combine roll-on/roll-off capability and cellular container capacity in one vessel.  It pioneered the Mooremack system for the use of specially designed cargo slings which offer more efficient, unitized handling of traditionally break bulk bagged commodities, such as green coffee, cocoa beans, wax and casein.

Together with the national flag lines of countries on its trade routes, Mooremack is continuously engaged in efforts to expand and improve marine transport and related port and internal transit services to meet the needs of shippers.

(Brochure courtesy of Karin Cleary.)


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