Mr. J. Robert Lunney was a Staff Officer on the S.S. Meredith Victory.  The author, Bill Gilbert, interviewed and worked with Mr. Lunney for a full year prior to the publishing of the book, "Ship of Miracles."  Today Mr. Lunney is an attorney in White Plains, New York, and below is an e-mail which he graciously sent us on March 29, 2004: 

"To finance my college and law school education after my WWII GI Bill benefits ran out I sailed in the US Merchant Marine with Moore-McCormack Lines as a Staff Officer (Purser). During 1950-51 I served on the SS Meredith Victory during its voyage to Korea. We departed Norfolk, VA on 28 July 1950 and transited the Panama Canal enroute to Oakland, CA and thence to Japan and Korea. We participated in the Inchon Landing, September l950, where we landed elements of the 31st Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division. Later, during the Hungnam Evacuation, December 1950, we successfully completed, "the greatest rescue operation by a single ship in the history of mankind" by safely delivering 14,000 Korean refugees, plus five babies born en route, after a three day voyage to Koje Do. The ship was operated by Moore-Mack and chartered to the Military Sea Transportation Service.

"I also served on the SS Uruguay (1951), SS Mormactide (1951), SS Mormacdawn (1952), SS Brazil (1953), SS American Clipper (1953), SS Mormacmoon (1954), SS Mormacfir (1954), SS Mormacdale (1954) and the SS Mormacspruce (1955).


 (Photos of Staff Officer J. Robert Lunney is courtesy of Benedict J. Ahn's web site on the Meredith Victory.)



The article below appeared in the May 2004 issue of "The Seafarers Log," about a monument being dedicated on October 14, 2004, to Captain LaRue, the officers and NMU Crew.  (Courtesy of Jack Otte with permission by the Seafarers International Union.)  NOTE:  THE DEDICATION DID NOT OCCUR IN 2004.  THE MONUMENT IS PLANNED FOR DEDICATION ON OCTOBER 14, 2005.

Once you left-click on the article below, you may be able to read it by enlarging it again by clicking on the orange square with four blue arrows at the bottom right-hand corner.

Please check out several issues in The Company > "The Mooremack News" for more articles on the Meredith Victory and Captain Leonard P. LaRue.


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